L.A. - based dancer/choreographer Ken Anderson has enjoyed a
career in the fitness and dance industries for more than 27 years.
Combining the disciplines of dance with the practical applications of
exercise theory and kinesiology, Ken brings to his innovative classes
a contagious energy and dedication that never fails to motivate.

A former aerobics competition champion and professional dancer,
Ken has taught classes all over the world and has choreographed for
film, video and stage.

Personal fitness trainer to many celebrities from film, television, and
Dupree Dance Academy      Ballet - Jazz - Tap - Modern - Funk
Los Angeles Dance Center    Yoga – Gymnastics

Fitness Training:   
Exercise Physiology – Anatomy - Physiology

AFAA – IDEA / ACE      Group Exercise / Aerobic Instruction

Teaching History
Gerry Blanck Martial Arts Center
The Adderley School of the Performing Arts
Santa Monica Dance Studio
Tracy Anderson Studios        Studio City
Equinox                                 Beverly Hills
The Tap Academy                Santa Monica
Slimmons                              Beverly Hills
The Club at MGM Plaza         Santa Monica
Quest (Voight by the Sea)      Santa Monica
Studio West                            Santa Monica
Mezzeplex                              Los Angeles
Main Street                             Santa Monica
Matrix                                      Santa Monica
Paradise                                  Encino
Ken can be found in the background of several of Jamie Lee Curtis’s interminable
aerobics classes devoted almost exclusively to pelvic thrusts (how subtle).
This 1985 non-comedy is a virtual Valentine to leotards, legwarmers, and really bad
80s hair.
Look out Michael Jackson! Ken appears as a dancing, urban gang-member
(were there any other kind in the 80s?) in the “Ace Hits The Big Time” episode
of these teen-themed morality epics.
Titles Available through Amazon or Netflix
Ken appears as one of several talking heads in the retrospective documentary, “Going Back
to Xanadu” – a bonus feature of the newly remastered, “Magical Musical Edition”
re-release of this classic DVD.
This informative, behind-the-scenes featurette provides the answer to the one question that
has plagued “Xanadu” from its release:  “What were they thinking?”